Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crafts from our wedding!

We're recently back from our honeymoon to Italy & Turkey (another post on that soon!) but I wanted to share some of the wedding stuff. I made so many crafts and I thought some of them might be fun to make just for your home. All the photos in this post by the amazing Sargeant Photography :)

Here are the little foxes cake toppers! One of my favorite projects, fun to do and I love how they turned out. My sister made that beautiful strawberry cake!!

I made these pompoms out of felt, fabric, paper, wire and floral tape. First I used this tutorial to make the pompom flower out of felt (except I cheated and just used hot glue instead of sewing it.. you know, wedding planning is time consuming and hot glue is fast!) and then I cut out leaf shapes out of fabric with a paper backing and sewed them together so it would have a little more strength. You can curl the paper a bit and it will hold the shape. Then I just attached everything together with wire and wrapped floral tape over all the wire. Done!

We made 3 of these fabric garlands -- one for behind the dessert table, one for the photobooth background, and one as a ceremony backdrop.

I made my bridesmaids little animal necklaces and I chose each animal based on their pets or animals they love or just animals that remind me of them.

Me & my friend Heather made the ring bear head!! We did papier mache for the nose, and I bought a bear scarf/hat thing on amazon and cut it up to use for the head part. This was one of the most fun projects I did because it was so fun to work with her. I will definitely be doing an artist feature with her work because she's super talented!

Here's the bouttonieres for the guys.

I also made these little poms to go on cakes & pies at our dessert table.

My bridesmaids helped me with the flower arrangements, they are yellow & pink ranunculus flowers with pepperberry greens, craspedia flowers, and some branches from a tree outside my house.

Here are the menus, programs and postcards that we used as escort cards.

I had a year and a half to do all the crafting, so it wasn't quite as crazy busy as it seems :) I wanted to make a bunch more things, but I ran out of time. I had such a great time crafting stuff... maybe I'll open another etsy store for this kind of thing!