Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Blog: A Photo A Day!

I've been taking daily photos for about a month now, but I just created a new blog for the project! It's been a fun & interesting challenge.

My little point & shoot camera broke a couple weeks into it, so after a few more weeks of borrowing my boyfriend's camera, we went out and got the canon DSLR we'd been eyeing... the Canon Rebel XS. So far, it's the best.

My old camera used to only be able to take non-blurry pictures in bright, full sunlight. Even trying to get a relatively bright indoor shot I'd be holding my breath to try to get a clear picture, until I'd get a little lightheaded! But with the new camera, it's easy. I'm gonna take it to all those places I was never able to get a good photo of; like the museum of jurassic technology, the darkest museum ever. When you first go in, you stumble around a bit till your eyes adjust.

This post at photojojo has lots of useful tips and information if you're interested in trying the photo-a-day project yourself. I think the best part will be looking back on my year, and remembering the little details.