Saturday, March 27, 2010


Back in January I had the pleasure of throwing my friend a bridal shower... It was so much fun & I wanted to post the invites and some of the decorations I got to design for it. Addresses & names have been changed for privacy. It was so fun to do these orange invites.

Here are some of the decorations I made... I asked my boyfriend to help me find a good branch to use, I think he was a little bit mystified when I asked him to help me paint it orange! But it turned out well, and my mom liked the branch so she got to keep it! :)

Here are the party favors, I finally decided after much deliberation that I should give tea. My favorite was the jasmine tea. Anyway detail-obsessed as I am I wanted to do each teabag tag myself, so I designed these little leaf tags in illustrator and hot glued them all on. There were a couple jars leftover so I have been enjoying the tea often!

And here are the illustrator images of the labels, for fun:

Overall it turned out to be a really fun event! Congratulations you two!! (The wedding was last weekend and the ceremony was so moving. Everyone had a fantastic time!)

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