Monday, September 21, 2009

New Packaging!

I've spent some time fiddling with my packaging and this is what I've finally come up with :) It started with a haphazard everybody-gets-something-different kind of packaging, but I really wanted a cohesive brand and also, it took a lot of time to put together before I'd figured out what I was doing -- finding materials scattered across the house and scrounging! Now it's easy because I keep everything in one box and have bought some good packaging materials I can use every time. Inside that kraft folder is a 8.5x11 chipboard for safety and the print, in a cello bag to keep it all together.

I originally wanted to do that frame sticker on clear printable sticker paper, so that it would have that nice kraft background. But I since I had a bunch of white sticker paper lying around, I decided to use that up first.

Tell me what you think! Packaging is one of my favorite things. I'm definitely one of those people that tend to pay a little bit more in the grocery store just for the packaging alone. But it's okay! It's research! ;)


Ooty said...

Beautiful! I also take extra care for wrapping =0)

Elena (Tickled Pink Knits) said...

I think it looks great!