Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Etsy Twitter Shop of the Week

For all the jewelry makers out there, I think you'll really appreciate RockisSupplies' etsy shop. She sells handcrafted metalwork findings & clasps, they look so professional but with such a unique look. They almost don't look handmade because they're so perfect! I love the idea of using another person's artwork to create another piece of artwork, if that makes sense. (In fact I will likely be telling my talented mom about this store for her jewelry endeavors as well!) I love the heart clasp pictured on the left. If only I had any talent with making jewelry whatsoever, I would definitely use this one! haha.

If you're interested you can also check out her blog here, or follow her on twitter here.

I found out about this shop from the etsy twitter team, which is just a really fun group and I recommend checking it out if you enjoy etsy & twitter.


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Thank you for sharing this..as a jewelry maker myself always love new find like this...

Rocki said...

Thank you so very much for your kind words about my work & shop. I'm speechless (my hubby may not believe that one though ;)

Peace to you,