Monday, March 9, 2009

Balboa Park, LA

On the weekend I visited Balboa Park because I heard rumors of cherry blossoms...

And it was true! The cherry blossoms were so pretty, and I had fun with my camera's macro setting. I tried to get a picture with a bee in it, but the bees kept flying at me instead of holding still and so I had to run away.

And there were remote control boats in the lake! I wanted to try, but it was like a big deal and they had a whole area roped off just for the boat guys.


And here are the boat guys. I like how they all have a little boat stand... you can sorta see them at this size or you can also click photo to see larger on flickr.


This sign is super cute--"Ramp is for baby ducks." And you can sorta see their little ramp right behind that sign. I guess they can't get up the curb without it so they have to know where their ramp is. Aww.


And of course, no trip to Balboa Park is complete without the obligatory cute dog photo. I think the guy said he was a husky/australian shepherd mix, soo cute. I also saw a teeny chihuahua baby that I couldn't get a good picture of because my camera has no actual zoom, only "digital zoom" which doesn't really zoom, it just pixellates! Hopefully sometime this year I can get a more serious camera :)


Now I want to visit the Balboa Park in San Diego, which is the famous one. But it seems like many cities in CA have their own Balboa Parks!


Meekiyu said...

those are certainly some beautiful pictures... I've never seen those remote boats before well except on t.v. The duck ramp is so cute as is for the doggy. =D

Baroness Bijoutery said...

You have cherry blossoms and we get more snow...wish I had the cherry blossoms..Your pictures were just great. Thank you for sharing these...

Alexis said...

Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed them!

Meekiyu-- I know, but I wish I could have seen baby duckies going up the ramp! I guess they were all too busy having fun swimming.

Baroness-- I want snow! I love our warm weather here, but I love snow too and it's sad that it won't ever snow here. Bah! The grass is always greener, isn't it.