Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday at the Natural History Museum

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Natural History Museum at Exposition Park. There was a lot to see and we didn't get to see it all because they kicked us out when it closed at 5! We were unprepared for it to close so soon.

But anyway, we first went into the gems & minerals section because I was convinced there would be an enormous diamond which Brandon had told me about, it was there when he was a kid, inside a vault with guards. We found the vault but there was no giant diamond, but there was a lot of really cool other gems including an opal sphere that I liked. Brandon liked the emeralds because of the bright green. Then we looked at the rest of the gems. There were ones that grew under blacklights, and a huge gold section that was with a lot of cool gold rush era stuff.

Then we were about to find the bug zoo section but Brandon told me I would rather look at the american history section (he knows all about my obsession with the late 19th century). He showed me it, and I got excited and we went in. They had old cars and an old train car and an old gas pump and other stuff. I loved the old posters, but I hadn't remembered to use my camera at that point (I'm making a conscious effort now!)

Then we looked at the North American Mammals Taxidermy hall of stuff, which is where I remembered I had a camera. My camera is terrible for taking pictures in low light, I even hold my breath when shooting, but it still blurs everything. I want a new camera that can do it better! I love taking pictures of stuff like this in museums because when you look at the photos, it can be difficult to tell if it's real or fake like the photo above. I like it to take a few moments to understand that it's a museum exhibit, it should look almost real but still a little off.

Then we went upstairs to the birds, marsh and rainforest sections. And the Thomas the T Rex Lab where people were working on cleaning bones and you could watch them work. I liked the honeycomb info graphics (below). We looked at North American mammals and one of them was of a coyote eating a housecat in a backyard, so sad! The marine life exhibit had just closed, so the leftover marine life was out in the hallways and there was a big-mouth shark (?), coelacanths, and some huge disgusting eel thing. They were all really gross and formaldehyde-y. No pics because they were gross.

Then it started closing and we didn't even get to go to the museum shop! Which was sad. But we left and it was raining, and my umbrella was in the car so we walked together in the rain.

And then we ordered pizza and watched Lost and then played Warcraft. It was a nice night :)