Monday, January 12, 2009

I've been tagged!!

I've been tagged for this twice, by both Waterstone Jewelry and Softpencil, so I have to do it! So, here are my 7 random facts about me.

1. I'm obsessed with the old west. I can't explain it, but I often go to the Gene Autry museum, look at the displays, and sigh to myself wishing I could be alive then. I love Deadwood, Brisco County Jr., just about all the classic old west movies, and Dust, which is a video game that came out when I was a kid. Kinda outdated now, but... sigh. I wish I could just visit, at least for a little while!? Also, my bathroom is old west apothecary themed. It may sound strange, but actually it is just awesome. :)

2. I work at a local LA newspaper and get to do graphic design all day and I love it. It sorta feels like I should be paying them!

3. I am powered by the sun! If the sun's gone, I'm the laziest person ever. And I'm not as happy as is necessary for me, either. A true California girl!

4. I play computer games too much. Especially warcraft. I have a level 73 feral druid (yeahhh, not 80 yet, but what can I do? I also have a job.) she's been feral since the first spec point I had, at level 10 (I'm an animal lover)! My other favorite games are Katamari, Animal Crossing, Okami, Dust, and Fallout 1 & 2 (Have not yet played 3 because it doesn't run on my mac.. keeping my fingers crossed, though).

5. I'm a sleepy person. I could sleep all day if I allowed it, and I somehow both love and hate sleeping in. I love it because it's so comfy, but I hate to miss the beautiful morning.

6. One of my favorite things to do (besides painting, design, and reading) is travel! I recently visited Japan and China with my family (slideshow is here) and took about 2,000 pictures (they're not all in the slideshow, don't worry.) Just as much as I love to travel, I absolutely hate to forget things I saw while I was there! I've been to lots of places: Japan, China, Iceland, Ireland, Finland, England, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Tunisia, Malta, Canada, Mexico and more.

7. I'm font obsessed. I have thousands already, and I can't stop downloading them! I'm also slowly teaching my boyfriend about the ones we see everywhere: Helvetica, Copperplate, Rosewood Fill, Brothers, Futura, and others. He's getting good at recognizing them now!

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Softpencil said...

Great! I enjoyed reading about you!
I´m a sleepy person, I love downloading fonts, specially script fonts, and travelling like you!
I love your photos from China and Japan, beautiful places, beautiful shots and amazing birds!

Alexis said...

Wow looks like we have lots in common! There were so many on your list that I agree with, too- animal lover, chocolate/ice cream lover, computer-addicted, and I have to hang lots of pictures everywhere too. :)

I'm glad you liked the travel photos, I want to go back already!