Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some recent logos

Just wanted to share some of my recent logos, done in my (super fun) ucla extension logo class last quarter. I love doing logos, it's always such a good challenge.

OJ logo, mmm.

My own made-up catfood brand. But I'd buy it!!

This one's a real company, and I tried to get it to be a serious logo that says "rescue" but also is friendly and cute at the same time.

For a phone company.

The assignment for this one was to do a logo with the company's initials. I made the lettering myself in indesign, I couldn't find a font that could fit together the way I wanted it to. Plus I wanted really creamy, flowing, chocolatey looking letters. Now I want chocolate.

Internet provider company. Wanted this one to imply interconnectedness with the shapes.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll get a chance to do some more pretty soon. I want to take the new UCLA ext. class called Surface, taught by John Beach, he's one of my favorite teachers-- but with work & that long drive, plus it's probably full by now.... I think I will just have to get the hang of my schedule with my new job first, and take the class next quarter or whenever it's offered next because it's going to be such an amazing class.


Ooty said...

your logos designes lokks great!!!!
i loved the cat!!!

Nancy said...

My favorite is the orange one, good job!

Candy Andy said...

I like the font used in the Sonic logo. What did you use? Aside from that I like's simple and easily readable. And...if ActiveCat reeeeally wanted to they could adopt the cat-like 'A' as their symbol/icon! Job well done!...even if it is make believe.